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Good words about cats

Hello, my name is Frederick Sawyer, I am the creator of this blog and I would like to say a few words about cats.
In a family, a cat usually chooses one owner whom she loves, and she tolerates the rest out of courtesy and out of necessity. It turns out that cats are selfless defenders, they act as good guard dogs - our cat loves children very much and guards them, as it seemed to her that the adults began to scream at her little nephew, so she managed to scratch and bite all the offenders. In addition, cats are surprisingly intelligent animals - some of them manage to find the owner no worse than the best trackers. The curiosity of cats and their affection for people is international - in any country, call a cat in any language - kitty-kitty, meow-meow, ps-ps, she will immediately, despite the language barrier, come up to get acquainted. The faster the cat comes to you, the better the people in this place, and if the cat is afraid of human attention and runs away, then the locals should be treated with some caution.
Not every cat owner will immediately answer the question “why do we love cats”, and the answer itself will not be unambiguous. Most likely, a list will appear, which can be quite long, and each person will have his own. Most people really, love cats always and regardless of their behavior, sometimes so funny and unpredictable!

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