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Why do cats like to hide?

When a cat finds a good hiding place, she feels safer and more comfortable than in open space. No wonder they like to find places in our homes that hide their location. They can sleep peacefully and dream of catching a mouse instead of being a mouse. In her little cat "cave" (whether it's a box, a bag, under a bed or hidden in a closet), a cat can quickly master a very small area, fill it with her scent and create a safe place for herself. Cats living in homes with multiple people, small children, other animals will often look for those safe places to "be alone" that we ourselves need from time to time! In addition, all kinds of hiding places are very important for those cats that are new to the environment or are just starting to communicate with people or animals.
In such cases, cats need a safe place. Being in an open space, which means being vulnerable, can be stressful and scary for a cat. It is considered normal when insufficiently socialized kittens will hide, say, under the bed. In fact, that's why we think that providing them with safe shelters will be a great help in adapting cats.

This will help your furry pets adjust to a new home or new people and be happier. It should be remembered that a cat trembling under the bed with fear is completely inaccessible. All attempts to pull it out may fail for all participants in the process. Therefore, it would be preferable to block access to the bed or behind the same sofa. But of course it will be necessary to provide an alternative shelter.
All this allows the cat to be in the role of an observer until she becomes comfortable enough in your home. Shelters around the house can also help keep the peace in families with multiple cats - if you live in the private sector. Cats that are prone to stalking or bullying from the more dominant cats (or dogs) in the home will also appreciate safe places to hide. And while you need to work on improving relationships where animal aggression occurs in your home, providing safe hiding places can go a long way. Such shelters will provide your kittens with additional space and promote peaceful coexistence with other animals.

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