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How to name a cat?

We carefully prepare for the arrival of a new cat in the house, but often leave the choice of a name to the last moment. Partly because I want to meet a new pet, evaluate its character and choose a suitable nickname. Sometimes it's hard to come up with a good name even after you've met. But there are some universal tips that will help you creatively, beautifully and correctly name a cat.
Should you give your cat a name?
Previously, it was believed that the name of the cat should be given only for the convenience of the owners. The nickname helps to establish a closer bond with the pet, accepting it as a family member. But feline behavior experts say that the name helps to better develop the pet's personality and its unique qualities.
What names do cats take?
You can name a cat whatever you like - in the veterinary passport you can put down almost any nickname. But this does not mean that the cat will respond to any name, and in general will understand that you are addressing it.
Studies show that cats respond better to short words, high-pitched sounds, and a variety of sounds. Such words are more like commands - animals pay attention to them more often and perceive them more easily.
If the pet already has a long name (even with a surname and patronymic), you should come up with a short nickname for it, and use it in everyday life.
Do cats really know their names?

Recent studies show that cats learn to respond to their names. In fact, just like dogs, they can be trained to respond to a name (and even perform tricks on command). The name for the pet becomes a command by which you need to pay attention to the owner.
Scientists have found that it is best to choose a word for a cat name:
from 3-4 sounds;
with whistling and / or hissing sounds;
with a harmonious sound to the human ear.
Unlike dogs, cats are fairly independent and aloof creatures. They may learn to hear their name by ear, but due to their nature, they can still ignore you. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult to understand whether a cat has learned its name or not yet. Perhaps she is just offended by you and does not want to communicate, or it is difficult for her to perceive exactly the combination of sounds that you have chosen.

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