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The best cat breeds for kids

American shorthair cat - reliable and strong
The American Shorthair cat is easy to care for, has excellent health and a pleasant disposition. Animals of this breed get along with people, including children and strangers. They also get along well with dogs. Pets are not very active, but you can play with them every day. Powerful cats with round funny muzzles and short ears can be of various colors.
British shorthair cat - plush and lazy
British are excellent house cats. Their coat does not require frequent care, the pet can be left alone at home for a long time. If the child goes to school and the parents go to work, then a British cat may be a suitable option.
You don’t need to play with a cat for a long time, she has a calm, soft character, so you can buy simple toys for a cat. She usually prefers to spend time in the same room with people, but not in her arms.
Burmese cat - friendly and bright
The Burmese is a cat with a short, shiny coat, large yellow eyes, and a stocky build. These pets have a very bright individual character, but friendliness prevails in it. Burmese are very affectionate and bond to their families as much as dogs. It is important to know that these are heat-loving cats that do not tolerate drafts and sudden changes in temperature.

 Abyssinian cat is smart and active
Abyssinians are beautiful shorthair cats with large expressive eyes. They are very smart, agile and active - ideal companions for active play. Experts advise buying kittens only after genetic analysis - Abyssinians have a predisposition to a number of unpleasant diseases that can be detected already in early childhood.
Abyssinians are very easy to care for. They do not need to be bathed and combed out, it is enough to clean their ears and teeth regularly.
Birman cat - gentle and fearless
Burmese are cats with semi-long fluffy hair, a mask on the muzzle and white socks on the paws. Pets not only look cute - they are ideal for keeping in families. They are smart, friendly, obedient and gentle animals that love to play and spend time with people. Burmese are friendly even with strangers, these cats are very easy to communicate with.
Which cat to choose?
The breed does not guarantee that you will get a kind and affectionate kitten with whom the child will immediately make friends. Experts advise visiting a breeder, assessing the nature of the mother cat (and, if possible, the father). If the parents have good data, the kitten will most likely inherit their behavior.
Evaluate your strengths when choosing a breed. If you spend a lot of time on the child, work and household chores, opt for calm cats that can play with the child with pleasure on occasion. If there are other pets at home, a more active cat that will socialize and play with them will do.

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